About TAA

Welcome to TAA, the first national women's association of the Netherlands. The history of  "Tesselschade-Arbeid Adelt" (TAA) is old, but its traditions are fully alive. Since its establishment in 1871 until today, TAA has had only one objective: to support women in their aim for economic independence.

TAA still plays a significant role in this respect. This is done in two ways: by the sale of quality handicraft and via financial support to women on their way to economic independence. Besides that TAA endeavours to conserve the knowledge and preservation of handicraft techniques. Our association consists of volunteers, women who make quality handicraft, and over 9.000 members who make the work of TAA possible. For as long as there are women in the Netherlands who need our support in creating an independent life, TAA will continue to exist (full information on aims and objectives). Please note: all links - marked white - are in Dutch.

Tesselschade EducationFund 

TAA aims to stimulate and support women in achieving their goal of economic independence, and this is realised via the Tesselschade Education Fund. The objective of the Tesselschade Education Fund is to give financial support to women to assist with the costs of their education providing that their study will give them the opportunity to achieve economic independence in the future. The fund is named after Betsy Perk (1833-1906) the founder of Algemeen Nederlandsche Vrouwenvereeniging "Arbeid Adelt" and is managed according to her principles that still apply today.

Many different studies can qualify for a grant from the Tesselschade Education Fund, including university studies or vocational studies at different levels. It is essential that the study is state-approved and offers opportunities in the labour market. The following requests for grants do not qualify: all non-state-approved studies; traineeships and study-researches abroad; visits to international congresses; graduation researches; printing costs of theses; post-graduate studies and any second university study. How to apply? Please send an e-mail to tesselschade.studiefonds@tesselschade.nl, giving personal details and short background information. You will be contacted by a committee-member of Tesselschade Education Fund 

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